Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting virtual presentations

Four members of the team are presenting research at the 2020 Ecological Society of America meeting

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Phoebe Zarnetske and Sydne Record will present at the 2020 ESA session OOS 8 - Revolutionizing Our Understanding of Scale: How the NEON Network Enables Innovative Research into the Complexities of Ecological Phenomena Across Spatio-Temporal Scales. The session’s talks are available online, and a Q&A session is scheduled for August 3, 3-3:30pm US Eastern.

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Phoebe’s presentation, Local- to continental-scale drivers of biodiversity across NEON will summarize how the team is working to quantify geodiversity and disturbance regime across spatial scales in order to explain patterns of biodiversity across NEON.


Sydne Record's 2020 ESA Presentation Title Slide
Sydne’s presentation, The importance of ecological memory: Insights from LTER-NEON data synergies will focus on quantifying spatially-explicit land use histories of NEON sites and how these data can elucidate patterns of biodiversity across scales.


Jasper Van doninck will present a poster, Amazonian forest canopy reflectance explains soil properties and understory species distribution and composition, summarizing his research on Amazonian biodiversity and remote sensing at University of Turku.


Jon Knott’s presentation on Community-level responses to climate change in forests of the eastern United States will give a summary of some of his PhD work at Purdue, primarily an overview of his recent paper in Global Ecology and Biogeography.

Phoebe Zarnetske
Phoebe Zarnetske
Associate Professor

Phoebe is lead PI for the NEON-Biodiversity project and a spatial & community ecologist in the Department of Integrative Biology at Michigan State University.